#zitat: Decluttering

I let go of some sweatshirts
that I bought on trips
thanks for making me remember my times abroad
I let go of knitted hats
that my mum made for me
thanks for reminding me that she loves me
I let go of my boring shirts
that are plain
thanks for making me invisible when I wanted to be
I let go of my old clothes
that aren’t really my style anymore
thanks for suiting me for so long
I let go of some favorite shoes of mine
that are worn down
thanks for walking the road with me
I let go of some romantic novels
that I have read many times
thanks for warming my heart when I needed it
I let go of some old pictures and letters
that seemed like taken forever ago
thanks for making me smile

Seen this way
letting go is fun 🙂
It makes room
for new favourite sweaters,
and beloved shoes,
and snapshots to be pinned to the wall
and new things that make me smile. 🙂

(Gedicht der Bloggerin Cara’s Melody: www.carasmelody.wordpress.com)

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